Combining expertise in lightweight design and thermal management with business excellence

Jana Weinand

Business Development & Finance


Jana studied Business Administration and Management with a focus on marketing and economic psychology. She recently submitted her doctoral thesis in the field of sustainable consumer behaviour. While completing her PhD, she worked for two years at the Entrepreneurship Center of RWTH Aachen as Head of Student Mobilization, leading a team of 12 people. Prior to joining the team, she worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group with a functional focus on Generative AI. At ivilion she is responsible for business development, marketing, financial planning, and HR.


Jannik Bühring



Jannik studied mechanical/aerospace
Engineering with focus on Lightweight Design. He recently submitted his doctoral thesis in the field of meta-materials. He is working as a researcher at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design of RWTH Aachen University, where he was promoted to a group leader and
afterwards to a chief engineer. Therefore, he is currently responsible for the institutes scientific and administrative processes. At ivilion he is responsible for company organization, certification, and procurement and will further be the managing director of the company.


Maximilian Schirp

 Research & Development


Maximilian studied mechanical engineering/aerospace engineering with a focus on Lightweight Design. He worked for two years as a researcher at the Institute of structural mechanics and Lightweight Design of RWTH Aachen University and was prior responsible for the development of a multifunctional heat-sink in a REXUS-project, which inspired him to further work on problems at the intersection of structural mechanics and thermal management. He is the brain behind the technical solutions of ivilion and will be responsible for product design, as well as research and development.